The 15th IFIP TC9 Human Choice and Computers conference will take place in Tokyo, Japan, on 8th-9th September 2022.

HCC is the biennial conference of IFIP‘s Technical Committee 9 on ICTs and Society

Keynote Speakers:

Jiro Kokuryo

Dr. Jiro Kokuryo is a Professor at the Faculty of Policy Management as well as a Professor at the Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University.  Prof. Kokuryo joined Keio in 1993 as an associate professor at the Graduate School of Business Administration, where he was appointed professor in 2000. He served as Executive Director of the Keio Research Institute at SFC (2005-2009) and Dean of the Faculty of Policy Management (2009-2013), before being appointed Vice-President for International Collaboration (2013-2017) and for Information Infrastructure (2017-2021). He is very active in serving public interests. As a member of a council of the Prime Minister’s IT Strategic Headquarters, he has been playing a central role in formulating Japan’s information technology policies. He also works closely with volunteer organizations and was commended by the Minister of Internal Affairs for his distinguished service to the development of regional societies.

Professor Hiromi Yokoyama, Professor in Science and Technology Studies (STS) at the University of Tokyo. Professor Hiromi Yokoyama has proposed “Group Voice” for scientific advice in times of crisis, proposed a “budget community” in addition to a journal community as a boundary hypothesis for separating science from the other, and statistically clarified the impact of “social climate” on STEM gender issues. Recently, she has been working on the visualization of ethical issues in advanced technologies such as AI. She studied particle experimental physics until her doctorate using the Super-Kamiokande. Her interdisciplinary research using this background has produced results that are useful to modern society. She is also the Director of the Public Relations Office of the University of Tokyo (2021-), Executive Director of the Japan Society for the Social Studies of Science and Technology (2019-), Executive Director of the International Physics Olympic Association 2023 (2021-).

The latest version of the full Programme is available to download.


The conference is supported by the Information Processing Society of Japan, the Information Network Law Association, the Faculty of Global Informatics of Chuo University and the ELSI Centre of Chuo University.

Thanks to Marc Veraart for the cover photograph